Once A Gender Neutral Term, Now A Divide?

The word “Man” was once a gender neutral term. Why has society chosen to divide us?

Much confused today, as I was trying to send a package and figure out the politically correct way to address one who delivers and collects mail. The traditional “Mailman” would seem accurate, but I then thought back to what I was taught in grade school, third grade to be exact.

Being exposed to equal opportunity in the work place and knowing there is a good chance your mail-someone is female (nearly 40% of the mail carriers are) I was told the “correct” way to refer to one who carries mail is “Mail-person“.

The need to elongate the word sounds completely idiotic, as just not to single out a particular sex for any and all profession with the word man in it.

Fire-person, Police-person, Council-person, Sea-person... Bat-person? (maybe not)

What I’d like to know is why we were being taught that there is a difference or a need to separate, instead of being taught that there isn’t one and females truly are equal?

Why then, wasn’t I learning the origination of the word man and/or men and the etymology associated with them. For instance the original definition of man, a human being or person (male or female), as opposed to what you can find next to the word man in our dictionary today, an adult male person.

Having graduated from an extremely feminist university, I’d probably be shunned, but maybe being called man isn’t as sexist as it’s perceived to be. Knowing we grow up treating everyone as equals until shown otherwise, it’s possible we should be focused on something much deeper, like early education practices.

…and the next time I need to send a package, I’ll just drop it off in a mailbox to save some brain power.


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