8 Best Cover Songs of the 80’s

Record PlayerLike most, I’m a huge fan of music. You’ll find a bunch of artists in my Recents on Spotify and definitely a wide variety of genres from alternative rock to post-hardcore and R&B.

At times I can feel a bit nostalgic, so I’ll turn to my top favorite covers of 80’s songs from a few bands I typically listen to…


Paramore covering Sunday Bloody Sunday

This song originally debuted in 1983 by U2, nice to hear it got a woman’s touch


The Almost covering Free Fallin’

Making its appearance on Tom Petty’s first solo album, Full Moon Fever, we heard it first in 1989


No Doubt covering It’s My Life

I actually had no idea until creating this list that this was a cover (and I love this song) originally played by British band Talk-Talk in 1984


The Ataris covering Boys of Summer

Had actually found out this was a cover song back in 2003 by my mom, who argued undoubtedly this was a song she knew when she was growing up, Don Henley sang the original back in 1984


John Mayer covering Message in a Bottle

Now although The Police released this song in 1979, it’s been played countless times through all decades thereafter, so it snuck its way on my list because John Mayer is just awesome.


Death Cab For Cutie covers This Charming Man

Originally played by The Smiths in 1983, this song is a favorite of many still being covered today. I, for one, think DCFC did justice.


311 covering Lovesong

Very similar to the 1989 original by The Cure, yet a bit slower paced, absolute must on the list. This song was also featured on the soundtrack to 50 first dates (which I hated).


Fall Out Boy feat. John Mayer covering Beat It

Last, but not least, my number one fav cover of the 1982 hit by Michael Jackson. Patrick Stump (vocalist of FOB) sang his little heart out and top notch guitar solo for the talented John Mayer makes my hairs stand.

Let me know what you guys think, feel free to share your favorite covers, I’d love to add to my playlist.


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