Instant Gratification Tour @ Union Transfer in Philadelphia

Dance Gavin Dance

Tillian Pearson, Jon Mess, and Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance

What energy we saw bouncing around on stage at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia this past Wednesday. Our intro to the Instant Gratification tour began with band Stolas.


RJ Reynolds, Jason Weiche, Sergio Medina of Stolas

With such soul in their music, the first song played definitely gave me chills. I’m sure coming from such a lively place like Vegas, you learn a thing or two about how to draw a crowd in. With not a single dull break in their performance, it was filled with groovy bass lines and killer guitar solos. The double bass skill on drummer, Carlo Marquez, was definitely memorable.

Everyone’s ears seemed to perk up and the mashing began, once Hail the Sun hit the stage. We got a surprise crowd dive from lead vocalist Donovan Melero during their set, while their merch guy filled in on drums for a few songs. Even with all of that excitement, he was still able to hop back on his set, to finish up with their last song without loss of breath or skipping a beat. Kudos.

Clay Gober & Scott Lepage of Polyphia

The lineup just continued to amaze that night including band Polyphia, composed of two Texan guitar slayers, a lively bassist, and timely drummer. This band went right into my playlist after listening to their intro. A pause from vocals these guys let their guitars do all the singing on stage. Between the solos and the harmonizing this instrumental band was pretty intense.

All of these great bands built up to what we had been anticipating since the recent release of the new album Instant Gratification. Chants for Dance Gavin Dance started early and didn’t end until the stage lights cut off. We got to sing along to a few Downtown Battle Mountain throwbacks and it was amazing to see how familiar the crowd was with their new tracks so soon. On the Run was definitely a favorite of the night with their overlapping vocals towards the end getting everyone involved in the outro. Instant Gratification Tour CrowdWith such a soft voice and with as loud as it was, Tillian’s pitch still managed to pierce through the band’s performance. Keeping more composure than the other bands of the night, I would have liked to see a little more engagement. Overall the fans were pleased and having gotten through more than half of their tour, they still put on a decent show.

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