Thought of the Day – Decisions

One Way SignHave you ever stopped to wonder what would have happened if you didn’t stop to wonder?

Following? No? Okay…

Maybe you’ve considered what it would be like if you picked different friends throughout high school or chose the work life instead of going to college. Maybe your tummy would feel a bit different if you’d eaten that protein bar instead of that Krispy Kream donut for breakfast?

Though we haven’t quite figured out what the purpose in life is, I’m sure one common factor we can all agree on is that life poses choices. Day in and day out we’re presented with the most daunting and even minuscule decisions to make. From what series to binge watch on Netflix or to use your time wisely in honing a craft you’ve put off.

Decisions are always knocking whether we feel like answering them or not. Some may believe in a “chosen path” or perhaps that our lives are already set, we just live them out day by day. The butterfly effect was not only an amazing movie, starring Ashton Kutcher, but it delved into a much deeper question of how many ways our life will or could have played out. Its very interesting to consider who would still be in your life or if you’d be standing where you currently are.

Know that there is much more to life than just the daily routine you’ve fallen accustomed to. The everyday “boundaries” that seem to lie in the way of doing what you want to and doing what is expected don’t really exist. Everything matters, everything is linked. Choose wisely, but don’t regret the road you’ve decided to travel. In the end everything you’ve accomplished or haven’t is based on you and your motivation to exceed.


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