The Travel

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan SontagSo I’ve recently snagged a pretty decent job that requires me to travel for conferences every few months, so far it’s been awesome. It’s always been my dream to be able to travel and sight see for the hell of it and I now get paid to do it. Not yet international, but I get to free myself of a basic 9-5 and see something other than grey dusty cubicles in a florescent dull office. Away from sneezing, hacking, the sound of chewing, and boredom of lame tasks. It’s a break from the mundane weekly routine. What I don’t understand is when speaking with my coworkers (some of which have been doing this forever and some that have just started maybe within a few months) no one seems to enjoy it as much as I do.

It sounds almost profane to me. How could you not enjoy getting away from a desk and shitty weather? Maybe not for all, but me coming from Philadelphia in January, it’s a hell of a lot nicer to swap out 20 degrees for the sunshine state. Most may just miss being away from a significant other or maybe don’t like the hustle of getting to and from, but I love it.

I guess I can see how it could be better, as you’re not given as much time as you’d like to take advantage of the weather, but you’re still somewhere other than a confined and stuffy space that smells of recycled stale air. How about the hair you get to keep instead of pulling it out sitting in your every day traffic. You may endure some traffic in your travels, but it’s just not the same. It’s what’s different that makes it enjoyable.

I now know of an awesome chain that offers over 100 beers on tap with the coolest looking setup. They also offer full vegetarian meals with an amazing bbq chicken pizza. It’s love learning about new things and places. You always meet interesting people at conferences or people who  are just traveling in general.

Speaking to those from around the country. Getting to hear different accents and seeing other clothing styles. It’s all just new experiences and I live for those. More so, that’s what life is about. It helps you to feel like you’re not a money hungry soul-less robot or a song stuck on repeat Monday thru Friday.

Planes still scare the shit out of me, but there’s a certain feeling you get (aside from queasy) being up that high. Seeing the world, literally, right below you. Everything looks so small from up here. It reminds me that things aren’t as difficult as they may seem when you’re back at home. Small things like bills or confrontation, none of that matters when you’re flying. Viewing life on a different scale makes me feel like things are so much more attainable…and they are.

I’ve got a friend that’s recently decided to quit his job, in order  to take a month off to travel. This is someone that understands the euphoria of wandering. He’ll be doing some hardcore journeying through Amsterdam and Barcelona and I almost applaud him. He’s been getting shit from everyone of course because it’s such a risk he’s taking. He traded his safety net and having a steady income for total and complete freedom. It’s bold, but it’s not impossible to come back from. He’s actually making the most out of his life, where others are too worried about failure to take the chance. His courage has got my wheels turning about meeting him for part of his travel. Me in Barcelona, how sweet would that be?

I’m not sure about you, but if there’s a choice between being culturally inept and stagnant or becoming worldly, vibrant, and making memories, I will always pick the travel.