Self Experience

Have you ever noticed that after you end a relationship, not immediately after, but once you learned to accept it, that it most literally feels like someones removed the wool from over your eyes?

You begin to view life so much differently. With new eyes your mentality is slightly adjusted to allow you to think in ways you wouldn’t normally when you were with that partner.

Maybe before the break you’d always wait to do things, so you could do them together. Perhaps there were things you never got to do because you felt as though you were being held back. Did you have an overbearing partner? One that wished you didn’t partake in a particular event or make acquaintances with certain people. No matter  what your situation was, you now feel you can do it all.

Did you happen to stumble into a Stan Lee comic and gain some sort of super power? No, but your mind has allowed you to gain a new perspective. I’ve recently learned that all people will let you down, and its okay. We are all human. What I’ve learned is not okay, is being upset and blaming others for things you have not been able to experience because you chose to wait on them.

The fear of being alone or the act of experiencing on your own has become so rampant, we have unknowingly barricaded ourselves from…well…ourselves. As an example of our self distress, the next time someone asks you what your plans are, tell them you’re going to the movies. When they ask with whom, say yourself. The reaction is unnerving. You feel almost as if you’d be committing a crime. Since when was it taboo to spend time with yourself? Should we be afraid to be left with our own thoughts?

Whatever my word is worth, I’m here to say its okay. There are countless of events I’ve missed in my life because I either had no one to accompany me or those I knew were not interested in doing them. Continuing to wait on others will result in you waiting for the rest of your life, however long or short it may be. Unfortunately, since there is not telling how long we’re here for, it’s best you waste no time. If you want to travel, travel. If you’d like to take a ballet class, join one. 90% of the time you’ll run into someone along the way you may be able to share future experiences with. Even if you don’t, most importantly, you can say that you’ve experienced it.

Only you can control what happens on your journey. You piece together the memories in your photo album titled Life.

Photo Album



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