Graduated, Employed, Married, Birthed, Died

With my onset of traveling, it’s really helped to put things in perspective for me, as far as realizing what is and isn’t all that important. We’re taught and persuaded at a young age to go to school, get a good job, eventually find your true love, buy a house, get married, have children, grow old and die. It’s so basic and typical, where in there does it tell you to experience life?

Yes, those are events that can happen within your life, but I personally wouldn’t consider that being life, or life’s purpose. At what point are you supposed to explore other countries and cultures?
Before or after being swamped in college debt?
Before or after getting submerged in a mortgage?
You do always see travel packages for family getaways – or romantic trips for two, but is anything aside from Disneyland ever in the pool of choice and really? A Carnival cruise?
Before or after your body no longer works the way it does now or you’ve developed illness?

The only goal anyone should ever have is experiencing all places you’ve only dreamt of going before your last breath.

You’ll never truly know how something felt, tasted, smelled, or looked, the way anyone other than you described it. You have to experience it yourself. Google images can only give things so much just until you’re standing there witnessing it firsthand and you’ll stop to wonder what to you so long to get there.

Maybe traveling really isn’t your thing, you don’t like planes and you’ve never had a fantasy location in mind. My question in a nutshell is where and when in between all of those typical milestone distractions are you to focus on doing things that give you satisfaction outside of the norm. If you do follow the “guidelines”, you tend to feel you’re on the “right” track, but in a world where there is no right and wrong, what are you really following? That is to say, what or who’s ladder are you even climbing? Your’s or society’s?


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