“I Hate Feminists”

I had a recent discussion with a fellow snapchatter about feminism. He’d brought it up in a negative light in which I proceeded to ask why he resented the word so much. He had explained that he is currently in the army and does not believe its right that feminists are all about women being in infantry (in the line of fire) but are asking for an easier physical training test.

A little background, I went to a university that was once an all girls higher ed school. In just about every course I took, one of my professors found a way to bring up feminism and a situation pertaining to the topic (whether there was any type of relation or not). I basically graduated as a feminist. The basic definition is one who believes that women should have equal rights, plain and simple. Not of the days where the word feminism was associated with the term radical.

Flash forward now to this conversation. I explained that I completely agree. A woman entering into said position should be able to uphold the status of that position. Regardless of tests which find women incapable of competing across the board with males physically, the rules should not change.

I mentioned that I believe feminism should be used to create opportunity, not to be used as an obligation. A woman should not be able to join just because she is a woman and it’d be sexist for her not to be allowed in. Yet, women in general should not be denied ever trying because of their failed predecessors.

I had kept the discussion on a comical note and sent a picture of a woman body builder and asked if he still felt the same about having weakness in the army. He replied with hysteria, but said no. My point exactly. Just because those that are there now are not able to successfully complete the test at it’s current standard, does not mean that there aren’t women who would work to be able to do so.

I believe that same rule applies to men. You wouldn’t let a male in such position just because he’s a male and scientifically should be able to withstand it, when he’s not physically fit and could not pass the standard.

It then becomes not a topic of feminism or sexism it’s just a conversation of capability. We tend to quickly categorize, and judge, and label things without really understanding the underlying issue. Why? It’s easier.

It’s easier to say “I hate feminism” than to take time out to understand it.

Perhaps the above scenario doesn’t resonate with an anti-feminist, but surely one would agree it’s only fair to pay two human beings the same amount for the same line of work, right?



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