A Horror Movie A Day: 31 Horror Movies Until Halloween

October has finally arrived! It’s time to terrorize yourself with ghastly and wicked things, gnaw on candy corn and other sugary treats, and binge all the horror films you can handle within the 31 days leading up to Halloween.

With October being my favorite month, I thought I’d encourage anyone interested in the macabre to participate in this enchanting time of year with a horror movie countdown. Offering up a horror film for each day in October to help give you the spooks, chills, and heebie-jeebies.

Below is a list of 31 personal picks and those that should be on your annual binge list if they aren’t already. There’s even some films that you can stream online right now for free. Let the horror movie countdown binging commence!

October 1

28 Days Later (2002)

This film holds a spot near and dear to my heart. Not only because the leading lady and I share the same name, but because there is nothing this movie does not have. Likely, you haven’t made it to 2021 without seeing this film, so I can spare you the details, but you cannot deny this movie is a solid scare. Needless to say, between a plot that is both as terrifying and realistic as a modern-day pandemic, an amazing cast including Cillian Murphy and Naomi Harris, and Danny Boyle’s genius cinematography. 28 Days Later takes the number one spot in our Halloween countdown.

Available on HBO Max

October 2

Halloween (2007)

Take it or leave it, I find Rob Zombie’s take on the classic Halloween to be awesome. This film may not have won over the John Carpenter fanatics, but I found it to be equally thrilling. Having added this film to the list instead of the original is in no way a claim to it being superior, so please don’t come after me. Admittedly being late to the franchise, this movie motivated me to soak up all that came before it. Enjoying the new perspective we get of Michael Myers in this version, we seem to dive into what makes him tick, or do we?

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 3

Halloween II (2009)

And to no one’s surprise, we have the sequel. With my love for slasher films and how much I truly enjoy Rob Zombie’s first Halloween, I had to stick in the 2009 Halloween II. We get to learn more about Laurie Strode’s connection to Michael Myers in this one and just how fucked you could imagine someone to be after uncovering this truth. The edginess and gore of these two movies are captivating and for that, they are a must for the Halloween season.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 4

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

What is a horror binge list without a campy ’80s movie? The first time I watched this movie, pure shock. The ending was jaw-dropping, to say the least, and left me very confused. It was only after watching it a second time, yes I had to, that I was able to understand what I had missed the first time around. You’ll appreciate the great (ridiculous) kill scenes throughout. This movie did gain a following and ended up with a Sleepaway Camp II and III, although those did not come close to what the first film had to offer.

Available for Free on Pluto TV

October 5

The Witch (2015)

Robert Egger is a director known for leaving a lasting impression, like a scarring image that you can’t seem to shake. The Witch contains scenes that have been deeply ingrained in my memory and for that, it makes the list. Dark and twisted is the foundation of this 92-minute film.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 6

The Void (2016)

If you’re a fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing then you might enjoy The Void. Not that these two films have a similar plot whatsoever, but in the sense of movie magic. I’m a big fan of old-school prosthetics and special fx before the days of CGI consumed everything we lay our eyes on. This movie has that. It’s a weird one and doesn’t follow your typical scary movie formula, which is why it’s great.

Available for Free on Tubi

October 7

Resident Evil (2002)

Yup, that’s right, zombies. This epic game-turned feature film is one of my favorites to watch in October. Aside from Milla Jovovich (Alice) being a total badass, this movie is action-packed with the undead. Resident Evil has seen so many productions from live-action to the recent animated films on Netflix. I also can’t wait to see what comes of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City releasing later this year. Despite the many films that followed its first, Resident Evil 2002 remains my personal go-to.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 8

Tusk (2014)

When you hear the name Kevin Smith, you may automatically think to yourself Clerks, a comedian, comics. After seeing this movie, all I can associate with him is this extremely unsettling film. Although this is a horror-comedy, it left me terrified. Think Tim Burton’s Penguin and how you might’ve felt as a kid watching him devour that fish. That’s the feeling I was left with after watching Tusk. With my recent desire to further explore all that Canada has to offer, this movie made me second guess traveling alone.

Available on Hulu with a Showtime Add-on or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 9

Silent Hill (2006)

October or not, I always make it a point to watch Silent Hill at least once throughout the year. Another amazing survival horror game that ended up on the big screen and done well. First and foremost, children are creepy, facts. Throw in the idea of a fiery ghost of a child, along with an eerie deserted town of ashes, sinister monsters lurking around every corner, and you’ve got me shaking in my boots. Not to mention that the idea of Silent Hill was based on Centralia, an actual town not so far from my own home is unnerving. Absolutely amazing effects in this movie and a great cast was chosen as well. Forever damaged by the sound of an emergency siren and not ashamed.

Available on Hulu with a Starz Add-on or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 10

The Strangers (2008)

The first time I saw this movie was on a mega bus full of people heading back home in the dark of night. Regardless of how much chatter surrounded me, I still found myself completely engrossed in this film enough to be scared. It made me very suspicious and paranoid of everyone around me at that time. Talk about a powerfully thrilling film. The concept of being completely secluded in unfamiliar territory without a lifeline and three masked maniacs surrounding you is frightening. Throw in a skipping record player to heighten the intensity and you have a great horror thriller.

Available on Netflix or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 11

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

A horror movie list wouldn’t be complete without a George A. Romero film. Romero banged out more living dead films than I can count, but Night of the Living Dead is where it all started, for the father of the dead and all his disciples. This movie defined what it meant to be a flesh-eating zombie and for that this classic is a must-watch for the everyday horror fan. This movie holds up today just as it did in 1968 with memorable characters and iconic scenes. Learning about the behind-the-scenes work on this movie is just as fun as watching it. Best of all you can stream it for free right now on Pluto TV.

Available for Free on Pluto TV

October 12

Cabin Fever (2003)

A cabin getaway gone terribly wrong. The premise of horror films by the bunch, but this one haunts because of its gruesome scenes. Contaminated flesh is something you can’t unsee and the kind of thing that stays with you. From director and actor Eli Roth, the same guy who brought us Hostel, you can imagine the horrible things you’ll watch in this movie.

Available on Peacock or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 13

Antiviral (2013)

Believe it or not, this film is not about your average virus, pandemic, or reanimated corpses. Nothing of the sort. This movie is actually not like anything I had ever seen before. With a very vague synopsis, I went into watching this open-minded and welcoming to anything that this movie could be and am so glad that I did. Antiviral is considered a science fiction horror and is gorged with the most bizarre visuals you could possibly envision. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself cringing throughout this film and being left feeling very disturbed.

Available with an Amazon Prime Membership

October 14

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Another horror movie to come out of the ’60s that I really appreciate is Rosemary’s Baby. Not to be confused with the 2014 adaptation and series, which in my opinion, fell entirely short of its predecessor. To me, what makes the 1968 film so unforgettable is the cast. Specifically, Mia Farrow’s Rosemary Woodhouse, whose personality has just the right amount of timidness and affability for those watching to make a connection with. This movie does a great job of leaving you just as disoriented as the main character and causes you to rethink just how trusting you should be.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 15

Raw (2017)

As if the journey of being a freshman isn’t awkward and terrifying enough. Raw explores the life of a girl trying to find her place in a social jungle, all while trying to understand what the new and strange transformation of becoming herself truly means. Cannibalism freaks me out, and if the thought of another human munching on your flesh makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, then this film is for you. Foreign films tend to push boundaries, and this one does just that.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 16

Suspiria (2019)

Something about interpretive dance has always made me feel uneasy, like things that crawl or heads that spin entirely around. In Suspiria, you get a whole lot more than just an uneasy feeling. This spine-chilling remake of the 1977 classic, which goes by the same name, is wrapped in uncomfortable intensity from beginning to end. This German film is so edgy that I watched its entirety without subtitles and could still feel the way director Luca Guadagnino intended. Artistic horror and a job well done.

Available with an Amazon Prime Membership

October 17

Evil Dead (2013)

Celebrating its 40th year, Evil Dead goes down as a long-standing classic that you must see in your lifetime. Although this iconic movie has been historically unmatched, I had to put the 2013 Evil Dead on this list. Why? Why not? Not so much a remake, just as Evil Dead II wasn’t so much a sequel, the 2013 version of Evil Dead went back to its roots with a more serious tone. As serious as the woods coming alive to possess someone could possibly be. I admired how grim and gory this movie was and how it stuck to concepts of the first film while keeping the exaggeration to a minimum. Jane Levy (Mia) was a pretty druggy and all the more convincing demon.

Available on Hulu with Starz Add-on

October 18

Saw (2004)

Hear me out. Albeit, Saw was exhausted after its sequel and has been spread to its absolute thinnest for years. Even up to its most recent copycat killer spin-off, Spiral. But, nothing screams terror like waking up handcuffed to a pole in an absolutely disgusting bathroom with a dead body and someone you don’t know. For that, the original Saw is notable and worth being in this horror movie countdown.

Available on Hulu Live TV or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 19

Hereditary (2018)

If you’ve made it this far in the countdown, awesome! That hopefully means you’ve been spooked by The Witch. Hereditary, another film on the A24 line-up, is also full of absolute shock and sheer wtf. There are scenes in this movie that left me gasping as much as a young girl with a nut allergy–spoiler alert.

Available on Hulu with Showtime Add-on or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 20

The Terrifier (2018)

Clowns. They’ve never done it for me. I can’t see being scared of something would be invited to your six-year-old cousin’s birthday party. The clown in this movie is a different story altogether. IT? Meh. IT has razor-sharp teeth, eats kids, and still has red hair at the end of the day. The Terrifier looks like a stone-cold murderer, and he will hacksaw your limbs off then toss your remains in a black garbage bag that he carries on his back. Yeah, this movie. Also, you can watch it for free right now on Tubi.

Available for Free on Tubi

October 21

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

In case you needed a break from any of the previous dreadful films on this list, Shaun of the Dead will lighten the crisp Fall air and mood. One of my all-time favorite horror and comedy films, this movie had to be on this list. Any time of the year is a time for a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up, but what better time than now. A hilarious nail-biter.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 22

It Comes at Night (2017)

Back to the hair-raising stuff! It Comes at Night is a special kind of film. One that leaves you to your own devices at the end, but that’s fine by me. I enjoy movies that leave you on the edge of your seat because the director finds a way to make them thrilling by informing the audience as little as possible. It also makes you wonder what terrifying things you’d have to experience when you’re down to your last.

Available on Netflix or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 23

Funny Games (2007)

When I saw this movie back in 2007 I was left vacant. Not knowing what to make of this movie when I saw it, I let it go. It was only years after did I realize that it stuck with me because of how different it was. I would randomly be reminded of the music that was used at crucial parts of the film. Only when I went to watch it for a second time did I find out it was a remake– and a very spot-on remake at that. This psych thriller is both cruel and savage, what a great title choice, isn’t it?

Available on HBO Max or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 24

I Am Legend (2007)

I can honestly say I’ve never cried during a Syfy horror until I saw this movie. There’s a first time for everything though, right? A post-apocalyptic film like no other starring the amazingly talented Will Smith. This one might be a bit more on the thriller side for the lack of anything spooky and not much bloodshed, but that idea of an ending civilization due to a viral outbreak is just freakin’ scary.

Available on HBO Max or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 25

You’re Next (2013)

Putting a new spin on “the final girl”, You’re Next is a good time with an unexpected and shuddering twist. Erin, played by Sharni Vinson, is the one you want on your side if you do find yourself in a fearsome situation. Another hardcore female in a slasher film who doesn’t play by the rules and changes the circumstance.

Available on Hulu or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 26

Zombieland (2009)

If Funny Games wasn’t the type of horror-comedy you were looking for Zombieland might be more your thing. This movie grew on me as I found myself watching it with other people. The fact that it could make you crave a Twinkie more than Reese’s Peanut Buttercups in October is pretty admirable. This movie has an incredible cast and first-class tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Redbox

October 27

The Happening (2008)

I debated heavily whether to add this one to the Halloween countdown horror list or not and I decided to do it. Walking around and seeing bodies hanging and being launched off of buildings is nothing short of horrific, all of which happened from self-infliction. I can’t say that I’m a fan of any other M. Night Shyamalan film, but I did like this one. Maybe because it’s supposed to take place in Pennsylvania, which is feels close to home for me, or maybe because this monster is something invisible and inevitable.

Available on HBO Max or rent on Amazon Prime and Redbox

October 28

As Above So Below (2014)

Knowing that the catacombs of Paris truly exist is both astounding and extremely creepy. I would absolutely love to take a trip there just to check them out, but I don’t know that I could even bear to witness it with my claustrophobia. As Above So Below brings my nightmare to fruition by delving into the idea of being stuck down there with nothing but your imagination to run wild–and maybe a couple of demonic spirits.

Available for Free on Amazon Prime with Ads

October 29

The Decent (2006)

In the event traveling below Paris wasn’t low enough into the earth to scare you, The Descent might take you that much further. A girl’s trip turned into a fight or flight life-threatening event. This movie scared me enough to question ever stepping foot near a cave, climbing gear, or even saying the word spelunking.

Available for Free on Pluto TV

October 30

Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias and I, for one, am affected. Especially if you’re telling me that one of these eight-legged beasts could grow so large it could lift up a car. I remember being traumatized when I first saw this movie in 2002 having primarily spent my adolescence on a computer in the basement of my old house. If you were one of the lucky ones that experienced the desktop game available around the time of the movie release then you know how much better it made this movie. Just like witches and vampires, spiders are symbolic of Halloween and essential for this list.

Available for Free with an AMC Trial through Amazon Prime

October 31

Trick R’ Treat (2007)

The only thing better than a horror story is five horror stories in one film. This anthology written and directed by Michael Dougherty, who also brought us the 2015 Krampus, is an homage to all that is Halloween. Filled with all of the spooky fall chills and thrills and the most adorable face of terror you’ve ever seen (Sam). You’d be missing out if you didn’t add this movie to your Halloween countdown. Starring Dylan Baker and the lovely Anna Paquin before her True Blood fame, this movie brings you all the October feels you could want.

Available on HBO Max or Hulu with an HBO Max Add-on

Did you like the movies on this list? Share your thoughts and let me know what your horror favorites are.

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