Philly’s Got “Good Medicine”

I’m beginning to learn that Philly’s actually not so bad of a place to live. We have a pretty big art scene and I’m not just talking about the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There are tons of smaller art galleries around the city that I’ve passed thousands of times without even knowing and so many new art installations. Let’s take South Street for example.

If you’re not one to venture to South St. often or are a first time visitor, upon first glance, it’s just a crowded street with an odd variety of people, where cars drive around blasting music, and the smell of Jim’s Steaks fills the air, but there may be some hidden treasures.

What you may not know, I sure didn’t, is that 4th & South St. actually begins what is known as Fabric Row. Apparently, this has been around for about 100 years and I never even knew about it, but I’m so glad I do now. Six blocks of boutiques, art supplies, restaurants, tattoo shops, and Paradigm Gallery & Studio.

Good Medicine - Alex Yanes & Dennis McNett

Dennis McNett, myself, Alex Yanes standing in front of “The Feels”

My discovery of Fabric Row came from my search for Paradigm Gallery & Studio, an artistic space for both the visual and performing arts, and its open to the public. I had recently seen a story on Instagram of Alex Yanes, Miami native and super talented artist, working on some new pieces for an art exhibit that would be displayed in Philly, so I HAD to go see it.

“Good Medicine” is the name of the exhibit currently on display. It’s a unique collaboration between Alex Yanes and Dennis McNett, both known for their wooden sculptures amongst other forms of art. If you haven’t heard of either, I strongly recommend checking out their work. A mix of vibrant colors and ridiculous detail, it’s a must-see.

Dennis Mcnett's Big Mary’s Resurrection

Dennis Mcnett’s Big Mary’s Resurrection

I was lucky enough to enter the studio with both artists standing dead center of this amazing piece. Of course, I geeked out and asked for a photo (don’t mind me, look at that work!). Their styles so drastically different, but they really found a way to fit them together.

Absolutely stunning work by Dennis McNett aka Wolfbat. I must’ve stared at this for a good 30 minutes. Some of these lovely pieces were up for sale for those lucky individuals with such a budget. I will one day own an Alex Yanes!

So, if you’re in the city between now and July 21, 2018, definitely stop by and take in some of the awesomeness.

Good Medicine Paradigm Gallery + Studio


The Perils of Perfectionism

a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.


If you’re anything like me and see yourself as a perfectionist, this may be your biggest flaw. How could you take a word which basically translates to being the best and see it as such an imperfection? Well, it’s simple, nobody is perfect.

As a perfectionist you simply will not and quite frankly cannot settle for less than the idea of perfect. You’ll tweak and tinker, scrap and rebuild, doubt and critique until you’re left feeling unsatisfactory about something that may have been A1 from the start.

I recently did some nail art that was inspired by a street artist I follow, Adam Kiyoshi Fujita, and absolutely love his work. On a whim I decided to post it to social media and to my surprise he actually reached out and was impressed by it. Adam Kiyoshi Fujita Inspired NailsHe’d asked me to send him some more pics showing off my design and that’s when my anxiety set it. The curse of perfectionism strikes again!

Instead of jumping on the opportunity, I decided to spend the next few hours freaking out about how unsatisfied I was about my work and all of the pictures I’d taken. Rather than feeling gratification that he’d found interest in my work at all, I felt pressure, stress, and depressed I’m not 100% ambidextrous (talk about an adverse reaction).

After my nervous breakdown I finally decided it’s best to send something than nothing, so I sucked up my unrealistic high standards and sent what I thought was best out of what I had. Turns out he loved what I had to show!

“The only thing we have to fear is…fear itself.”

Perfection is imaginary. It’s opinionated and varies from person to person, yet there are some of us who still try to attain the unattainable, and want to satisfy everyone and ourselves. Though it’s great to give yourself standards, it’s unhealthy to strain for an impossible standard. It’s the fear of creating something sub par to those around us, but we really are our biggest critics.

The truth is, in creation, there will always be room for improvement because an artist’s work is never really complete. The mind is ever-changing and new ideas and inspirations can stem at any moment. Whether it be the moment you were in when you began painting, writing, or recording, or in a moment shortly after or even years after. The important thing to remember is not to waste time scrutinizing and missing an opportunity trying to create the best version, when you could create a variety of amazing things. In the words of Shia LaBeouf and Nike, “Just Do It”.

The Best Worst Axe Throwing Competition

Ever consider axe throwing?

It had never even crossed my mind before a few months ago. A coworker had mentioned it to me and I immediately said, “That’s what I want to do for my birthday.”

Aside from laughing hysterically for a good 2 hours, I was able to get some clips of me and a few buddies attempting the sport for the first time. I also decided to put together a little spoof competition video, check it out…

Street Art & Poutine, Oh Canada: Instagram Worthy Sites in Montreal

Montreal Skyline from Mont Royal
Crossed another one off the list this year…Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Home of some really great eats and so much art.
Canada has been on the bucket list for a while now, it was just a toss-up between Toronto and Montreal. A few recurrent visitors spoke so highly of it, I was sold on Montreal. I have a love for architecture and historic cathedrals and this place definitely has some gems.

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Reasons to Get Lit on the Lit AF Tour


The Lit AF Tour was without a doubt LIT AF!

Philly was not only the eighth show of the tour, but the eighth SOLD OUT show in a row. That’s pretty big seeing as how next week marks only a year since the release of Polyphia’s second studio album, Renaissance.

This wasn’t my first time seeing the prog metal band perform live, but it was the first time I got to see them headline Continue reading

“I Hate Feminists”

I had a recent discussion with a fellow snapchatter about feminism. He’d brought it up in a negative light in which I proceeded to ask why he resented the word so much. He had explained that he is currently in the army and does not believe its right that feminists are all about women being in infantry (in the line of fire) but are asking for an easier physical training test.

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The First Step to Achieving Your Dream

It’s nearly impossible to surf the internet as of late without running into some type of motivational quote or meme about the simplest of things. Stop Wishing. Start Doing. or The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.

What is it in these obvious statements that we find so uplifting?

For myself, the greatest motivation lies in stories I hear from people who have taken that first step towards something they’re passionate about. Continue reading

More Rihanna Hype – “Immortalized Statue”

I’m not one for celebrity news or gossip, but it was brought to my attention that there was a ginormous statue created in Berlin of pop figure, Rihanna, which she has visited, selfied, and spread across social media.

Upon first glance at the image circulating the internet it was not my immediate assumption of what a statue of someone would be. Not only is the figure in a bikini, not only is it headless, but it also has a face imprinted on its chest.

For most the first question was, why is it headless? Mine on the other hand was, how do you know it’s Rihanna?

After debating with someone who is big into pop culture, there was no doubt that it is of her, at least that’s what was enforced upon me. I asked the simple question considering these pieces of information missing: Continue reading

“Don’t Do Math Rock Kids” – TTNG

Too bad theres no Olympic gold to be won for writing songs with crazy complex time signatures or TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) would probably be taking it home.

When You're Trying to Figure Out the Time Signatures in a Prog Song

Currently on tour to promote their new album Disappointment Island, I finally got to bear witness to the mathematical genius at The Foundry in Philadelphia this past Sunday.

On said island of disappointment was the drop of Giraffes? Giraffes! from the line-up, as they played only select shows and had just played with them in NY the night before. On the bright side, we got to experience LITE, a 4 piece instrumental band with lots of stamina and great collaboration. It was definitely something watching Jun Izawa slapping away at that bass. Very groovy vibe and worth a listen.

Lots of laughs and crowd interaction during TTNGs set. Continue reading

Railing Collapses at Snoop – Giraffes? Giraffes!

While some 40+ people were busy collapsing before two stoners in Camden last night because of a railing incident, real music was being played in the heart of Philadelphia at the Boot & Saddle, on Broad St.

Headliners Giraffes? Giraffes!, a two piece math rock instrumental band, killed it last night, leaving none injured and minds blown. Kudos to the line up as well, Flyermile & Cavewomen for great energy and vast entertainment.

Giraffes? Giraffes! has been putting in some serious work lately Continue reading