“Don’t Do Math Rock Kids” – TTNG

Too bad theres no Olympic gold to be won for writing songs with crazy complex time signatures or TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) would probably be taking it home.

When You're Trying to Figure Out the Time Signatures in a Prog Song

Currently on tour to promote their new album Disappointment Island, I finally got to bear witness the mathematical genius at The Foundry in Philadelphia this past Sunday.

On said island of disappointment was the drop of Giraffes? Giraffes! from the line-up, as they played only select shows and had just played with them in NY the night before. On the bright side, we got to experience LITE, a 4 piece instrumental band with lots of stamina and great collaboration. It was definitely something watching Jun Izawa slapping away at that bass. Very groovy vibe and worth a listen.

Lots of laughs and crowd interaction during TTNGs set. Beginning with Henry, bass/guitarist, telling us that Bush had been unknowingly touring with them, since he’d heard them playing at the same venue for 2 consecutive nights, with gratitude that we chose them of course.

Great choice of setlist and much excitement with the performance of +3 Awesomeness Repels Water, which they were able to play with help from a fill in (Henry of Mylets) since TTNG lost a member. Another oh sh*t moment during I’ll Take the Minute Snake, when Henry doubled up with a guitar and bass at the same time all while singing.

Henry of TTNG

The infamous quote of the night sparked when Chris Collis (drummer) couldn’t get the timing right and their unanimous confusion on where to jump back in caused them to start from the top. Understandable seeing as how their signatures bounce around within songs, it was evident to blame it on the genre.

“Don’t do math rock kids, it’s dangerous” – Henry Tremain

The crowd completely unaltered by the mishap was fully engaged in the comeback, once they were all on the same page. They ended with the perfect song 26 is Dancier than 4 to show just how clever math rock can be, 26 really is Dancier than 4/4.

Overall great show with valuable lesson learned.

Railing Collapses at Snoop – Giraffes? Giraffes!

While some 40+ people were busy collapsing before two stoners in Camden last night because of a railing incident, real music was being played in the heart of Philadelphia at the Boot & Saddle, on Broad St.

Headliners Giraffes? Giraffes!, a two piece math rock instrumental band, killed it last night, leaving none injured and minds blown. Kudos to the line up as well, Flyermile & Cavewomen for great energy and vast entertainment.

Giraffes? Giraffes! has been putting in some serious work lately coming up with new material while on their summer tour with other insanely good headlining band TTNG (This Town Needs Guns).

Feeling the crowds love for this genre is a must witness experience. Not only did they play with devotion, smiles  during every song, each was played to the T, barely being able to decipher the live version from the album.

Seeing Kenneth Topham (drummer) play as hard and continuous as he did barely taking a breather was admirable beyond belief. Known for his unique set including symbols of varying sizes, two high hats, a set of interesting bells, pedals,
a tambourine…the works, it was amazing to see him put it all to use.

Would be totally wrong in saying Ken stole the show with Joe Andreoli equally as engaged with his capo and bow use on an electric guitar, magically working that fret board.

This duo is absolutely phenomenal to watch live, I’m so glad I’ve finally got to see them, hopefully not the last time.

Kickass Comeback, Thrice @ The Fillmore in Philadelphia

 photo FullSizeRender.jpg

After 4 years of hibernating, Thrice was able to make a comeback picking up right where they left off. This time around perfecting their sound, growing their fanbase, and topping Billboard charts with To be Everywhere is to be Nowhere.

Though kicking off their first tour since 2012 to push out their newest album, long term fans can still reminisce with their chosen setlist. Some songs including In Years to Come (off their second album, The Illusion of Safety), The Artist in the Ambulance (song titled after their first major label album), and a handful of tracks from Vheissu (their 05′ release).

Already half way through their tour, yet their performance at The Fillmore in Philadelphia was still highly spirited and one to remember. Fall tour dates have already been set, so if you haven’t seen them live, they’re definitely something to experience.

Back at it Again with the Street Art

For the second time this month I’ve gravitated towards an old coal mine [read previous] that has manifested into creative works of art.

Graffiti Pier, also known as Pier 124 and once 13339481_10153780490372833_5410413389745575982_nused for a coal mining operation, now houses the work of Philly’s great graffiti artists. There’s also a sweet view of the Delaware River at the end of the pier. Though not ideal, you’ll also find people diving into the river and fishing.

Not a great place to bring kids or dogs for that matter, unfortunately, it’s loaded with broken glass and empty spray cans, but definitely something to admire if you’re into street art and hidden gems.


Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Film Review

I’m not Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Filmtypically one to know of things far in advance before they happen, like the decision to bring Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to the big screen. Though I do know a kick ass movie when I see it’s preview or so I thought. Having not read a single Jane Austen book, nor having read its parody by Seth Graham-Smith, I had only the 05′ Pride & Prejudice movie to base my expectations on and man were they high. Becoming Jane was another enjoyable film, but that’s a movie discussion for another time. I absolutely love the fashion of the 18th century, British accents, and who doesn’t love zombies? Toss all of that in a pot and you’re sure to have cooked up the movie of the year right? Continue reading

Instant Gratification Tour @ Union Transfer in Philadelphia

Dance Gavin Dance

Tillian Pearson, Jon Mess, and Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance

What energy we saw bouncing around on stage at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia this past Wednesday. Our intro to the Instant Gratification tour began with band Stolas.


RJ Reynolds, Jason Weiche, Sergio Medina of Stolas

With such soul in their music, the first song played definitely gave me chills. I’m sure coming from such a lively place like Vegas, you learn a thing or two about how to draw a crowd in. With not a single dull break in their performance, it was filled with groovy bass lines and killer guitar solos. The double bass skill on drummer, Carlo Marquez, was definitely memorable.

Everyone’s ears seemed to perk up and the mashing began, once Hail the Sun hit the stage. We got a surprise crowd dive from lead vocalist Donovan Melero during their set, while their merch guy filled in on drums for a few songs. Even with all of that excitement, he was still able to hop back on his set, to finish up with their last song without loss of breath or skipping a beat. Kudos.

Clay Gober & Scott Lepage of Polyphia

The lineup just continued to amaze that night including band Polyphia, composed of two Texan guitar slayers, a lively bassist, and timely drummer. This band went right into my playlist after listening to their intro. A pause from vocals these guys let their guitars do all the singing on stage. Between the solos and the harmonizing this instrumental band was pretty intense.

All of these great bands built up to what we had been anticipating since the recent release of the new album Instant Gratification. Chants for Dance Gavin Dance started early and didn’t end until the stage lights cut off. We got to sing along to a few Downtown Battle Mountain throwbacks and it was amazing to see how familiar the crowd was with their new tracks so soon. On the Run was definitely a favorite of the night with their overlapping vocals towards the end getting everyone involved in the outro. Instant Gratification Tour CrowdWith such a soft voice and with as loud as it was, Tillian’s pitch still managed to pierce through the band’s performance. Keeping more composure than the other bands of the night, I would have liked to see a little more engagement. Overall the fans were pleased and having gotten through more than half of their tour, they still put on a decent show.