“I Hate Feminists”

I had a recent discussion with a fellow snapchatter about feminism. He’d brought it up in a negative light in which I proceeded to ask why he resented the word so much. He had explained that he is currently in the army and does not believe its right that feminists are all about women being in infantry (in the line of fire) but are asking for an easier physical training test.

A little background, I went to a university that was once an all girls higher ed school. In just about every course I took, one of my professors found a way to bring up feminism and a situation pertaining to the topic (whether there was any type of relation or not). I basically graduated as a feminist. The basic definition is one who believes that women should have equal rights, plain and simple. Not of the days where the word feminism was associated with the term radical.

Flash forward now to this conversation. I explained that I completely agree. A woman entering into said position should be able to uphold the status of that position. Regardless of tests which find women incapable of competing across the board with males physically, the rules should not change.

I mentioned that I believe feminism should be used to create opportunity, not to be used as an obligation. A woman should not be able to join just because she is a woman and it’d be sexist for her not to be allowed in. Yet, women in general should not be denied ever trying because of their failed predecessors.

I had kept the discussion on a comical note and sent a picture of a woman body builder and asked if he still felt the same about having weakness in the army. He replied with hysteria, but said no. My point exactly. Just because those that are there now are not able to successfully complete the test at it’s current standard, does not mean that there aren’t women who would work to be able to do so.

I believe that same rule applies to men. You wouldn’t let a male in such position just because he’s a male and scientifically should be able to withstand it, when he’s not physically fit and could not pass the standard.

It then becomes not a topic of feminism or sexism it’s just a conversation of capability. We tend to quickly categorize, and judge, and label things without really understanding the underlying issue. Why? It’s easier.

It’s easier to say “I hate feminism” than to take time out to understand it.

Perhaps the above scenario doesn’t resonate with an anti-feminist, but surely one would agree it’s only fair to pay two human beings the same amount for the same line of work, right?


The First Step to Achieving Your Dream

It’s nearly impossible to surf the internet as of late without running into some type of motivational quote or meme about the simplest of things. Stop Wishing. Start Doing. or The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.

What is it in these obvious statements that we find so uplifting?

For myself, the greatest motivation lies in stories I hear from people who have taken that first step towards something they’re passionate about. I’m not talking about those cheesy infomercials you find on TV at 2am that try to get you to buy a fake step-by-step guide to riches. I mean true stories of people who have made it to those said riches and have chosen a life outside of that towards completing themselves.

Since I was a child I had always dreamt of visiting California, as most do, especially with it being sold as the place of dreams. I’d woken up after finding the perfect flight one day and finally decided I’d waited long enough, purchased my ticket and was on my way.

Now I’d be lying if I said the best part wasn’t the amazing weather that never changes or the gorgeous people who are everywhere you look, but the best thing I took away from this trip was inspiration.

Some may look at Airbnb or Uber as inferior ways to travel, but I  strongly prefer them to solitary options like hotels and car rentals. The main reason being is that it’s the perfect way to socialize and learn about locals.

During my stay I had two great hosts that shed their insight on each coast’s advantages and disadvantages and their outlook on working to make money versus working for happiness. Their views along with several other Uber drivers had been quite similar to my mine. They’d all been maintaining themselves financially while pushing to turn their pastimes into something far greater. You may be thinking okay, they’re managing, but they’re still driving Uber…

Interestingly enough 2 of the 7 drivers I met had established established themselves in the entertainment industry as an actor and a producer. The producer had worked on films and music videos for major artists in the late 90s and the other who was featured in 42 television shows. One explained that he’d been using Uber as a means of networking in high-end areas of the city to give himself that extra push he needs. Talk about the perfect opportunity for an elevator pitch.

Even though they’re both already in awesome positions, they are working to follow a different path that they’d always wanted to seek out. The producer desires to create music, while the actor wishes to write.

Both of these men described these new moves as challenges for themselves with obstacles to overcome for one reason or another. Whether being a terrible speller or never producing an album before, yet neither were reluctant to start.

“I didn’t know how to produce videos at one point, but not knowing has never stopped me before.” – Craig Anonymous

It’s amazing to listen to someone take such a headstrong approach towards the unknown. Better known as a “Leap of Faith”. This led me to realize that everyone I’d spoken to had only a positive perspective, including struggles they’d mentioned coming across while trying to make it. Such optimism in each one.

One person around my age went to university with a similar degree to my own. To avoid working that standard 9-5 and working to fuel someone else’s dreams, he decided it was far more gratifying to start on his own and began animating. He’s now completed several comedic animations and is auctioning them off. That easy.

NFinish Lineot all were looking to drive down the creative avenue, there were some that were working to branch out their own businesses. What they did all have in common was accepting the fear of risk and making the decision to start. Each story  began with the line “I always wanted to” and ended with “and now I’m here”.

There is no greater feeling than to accomplish a goal you’ve set for yourself. Hearing all of these stories is proof that anything is attainable no matter how far-fetched it may sound. The only thing that makes it out-of-bounds is not reaching for it.


More Rihanna Hype – “Immortalized Statue”

I’m not one for celebrity news or gossip, but it was brought to my attention that there was a ginormous statue created in Berlin of pop figure, Rihanna, which she has visited, selfied, and spread across social media.

Upon first glance at the image circulating the internet it was not my immediate assumption of what a statue of someone would be. Not only is the figure in a bikini, not only is it headless, but it also has a face imprinted on its chest.

For most the first question was, why is it headless?, mine on the other hand was, How do you know it’s Rihanna?

After debating with someone who is big into pop culture, there was no doubt that it is of her, at least that’s what was enforced upon me. I asked the simple question considering these pieces of information missing:

  1. If you didn’t read the headline
  2. If you didn’t see Rihanna posing with it
  3. Since it’s headless and the face depicted on its chest is altered, so the exact placement does not directly resemble the singer

Would you still know it was of her?

Interestingly enough, the only way to know it were her and not another female in a bikini with the same body measurements, the tattoos are associated with her. This resonated with me that the only reason you would know who a headless figure was would be to know its body.

I’m not sure about you, but if I were to ever be “immortalized” I know 100% that I would not want to just be known for my body. I would want to know I’d be going down for something of much more value.

Leading me to consider what that would mean, I would want to be known for what was in my brain. Interestingly enough the statue has no head. Really uneased at the thought of this, I decided to research the artist, a Juan Sebastian Pelaez, who was inspired by this interesting 16th century  concept of “Blemmyae” or headless natives with faces on their upper, naked bodies.[1]

Still quite unsettled by my findings, I delved a little deeper into the name and found the derivation of the word “Blemmyes from the Hebrew bly (בלי) “without” and moach (מוח) “brain””[2]

Couldn’t help but to laugh at my preconceived thought behind the statue was not to tribute or immortalize this person, but to make a statement. The idolization of brainless figures in media….

On that last note, I will define the word statue according to Merriam-Webster:

a three-dimensional representation usually of a person, animal, or mythical being that is produced by sculpturing, modeling, or casting


You’re more than welcome to agree or disagree, leave comments if you’d like…

Graduated, Employed, Married, Birthed, Died

With my onset of traveling, it’s really helped to put things in perspective for me, as far as realizing what is and isn’t all that important. We’re taught and persuaded at a young age to go to school, get a good job, eventually find your true love, buy a house, get married, have children, grow old and die. It’s so basic and typical, where in there does it tell you to experience life? Continue reading

The Quest

Ridding myself of all worries and fear, I’ve decided to try my hand in improv. Thus far, I’ve successfully managed to muster up the strength to attend two classes. Both of which I’ve really enjoyed. This past Sunday, it wasn’t the usual class, this time it was a very vaguely described workshop, that was located in a different area as well. Something called “The Quest”. Continue reading

Self Experience

Have you ever noticed that after you end a relationship, not immediately after, but once you learned to accept it, that it most literally feels like someones removed the wool from over your eyes?

You begin to view life so much differently. With new eyes your mentality is slightly adjusted to allow you to think in ways you wouldn’t normally when you were with that partner. Continue reading

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Film Review

I’m not Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Filmtypically one to know of things far in advance before they happen, like the decision to bring Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to the big screen. Though I do know a kick ass movie when I see it’s preview or so I thought. Having not read a single Jane Austen book, nor having read its parody by Seth Graham-Smith, I had only the 05′ Pride & Prejudice movie to base my expectations on and man were they high. Becoming Jane was another enjoyable film, but that’s a movie discussion for another time. I absolutely love the fashion of the 18th century, British accents, and who doesn’t love zombies? Toss all of that in a pot and you’re sure to have cooked up the movie of the year right? Continue reading

The Travel

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan SontagSo I’ve recently snagged a pretty decent job that requires me to travel for conferences every few months, so far it’s been awesome. It’s always been my dream to be able to travel and sight see for the hell of it and I now get paid to do it. Not yet international, but I get to free myself of a basic 9-5 and see something other than grey dusty cubicles in a florescent dull office. Away from sneezing, hacking, the sound of chewing, and boredom of lame tasks. It’s a break from the mundane weekly routine. What I don’t understand is when speaking with my coworkers (some of which have been doing this forever and some that have just started maybe within a few months) no one seems to enjoy it as much as I do. Continue reading